Yesterday we went to visit our preschool in Sacalá! It was a visit full of games, books, art, and hula-hoops!

Burglary Update:

With your support, we raised $4,860, well over our goal of $4,000! The money we raised will not only go to recovering our losses and repairing the damages to our school, but it will also allow us to implement a security system to protect ourselves from another incident in the future.

To those of you who donated, thank you so much! Additionally, if you haven’t donated yet, you still can! Your donation will help us cover the costs of implementing and maintaining a security system.

It is truly heartwarming to know that we can count on your support!

¡Muchas gracias!

It is to our great dismay that our San Lucas preschool was broken into on Saturday, March 17, 2018. Amongst the items stolen were a desktop computer, printer, microwave, speakers, and approximately 1,500 Quetzales in cash, totaling around $3,000 USD in stolen property. Additionally, we estimate approximately $1,000 USD more in damages resulting from broken windows, locks, and doors, totaling around $4,000 USD in losses.

We are writing to our supporters to ask that you please help us recover these costs, as this equipment is essential to the day-to-day operations of our preschools, and we want to ensure that all students enrolled in our San Lucas preschool are able to continue to attend classes uninterrupted. 

A small donation in the amount of $30 from each of you will help us to quickly repair the damage, to purchase new equipment to ensure that we can continue providing high-quality preschool programming, and to implement security measures to protect ourselves from another incident in the future. To make a donation, please click visit

From all of us at Planting Seeds, we are so grateful for your support.

Thank you!

A heartfelt thank you to our 2018 Dual-Exchange students from Skidmore College! The students were enthusiastic, curious, and open-minded… we couldn’t have asked for a better group! You’re welcome back anytime!

Today is International Women’s Day. Today we celebrate all of the girls, teenagers, and women that inspire us every day. We believe in your strength and determination to make a change in our world.

To assure that we can continue to provide education of high quality, we hold teacher trainings once every two months. All of the teachers who implement the Planting Seeds teaching methodology came to San Lucas yesterday to participate.

Thank you to all the teachers who came, if not for you, we couldn’t continue to do our work!

We celebrated Valentine’s Day in San Lucas. At the end of the day, students went home happy with lots of candy to share.  It was a beautiful day to celebrate friendship!

A successful week for our pilot program Play with Your Kid! Some of our students’ parents came to San Lucas to play with their children and learn a little more about our teaching methodology. Thanks to those who came!