In 2012, a few enthusiastic friends of Planting Seeds began an incredible initiative called Change for Change. Change for Change is a simple fundraising initiative that has been implemented in a number of elementary schools in Ottawa, Canada. The program consists of providing classrooms with empty pencil cases that students can fill with loose change to fundraise for Planting Seeds.

In addition to educating students on the importance of giving back, this program is a great way to incorporate social consciousness into a classroom curriculum. Some additional benefits of implementing this program are:

  • Providing students with a global perspective on social issues such as poverty
  • Understanding that all children have the right to quality education, regardless of their personal circumstances
  • Demonstrating the interconnectedness of all people throughout the world  

Plantando Semillas is so appreciative of the following schools for their continued support in the Change for Change program:

  • Chapel Hill Catholic School
  • Corpus Christi
  • Guardian Angels
  • Holy Cross
  • Holy Family
  • OCSB Administrative Board Offices
  • St. James
  • St. Leonard

To learn more about how you can create a Change for Change program in your local school, please contact us!