At the core of Planting Seeds philosophy is education.  Education for children, adults, families and communities.  We have successfully implemented many programs with education as the foundation for our work, and we are now extending our reach beyond Guatemala to offer dual-exchange programs for students in high school and universities throughout Canada and the United States.

Our dual-exchange programs are based on the premise of an interchange of knowledge, language, and culture from program participants to Guatemalans and vice versa.  We believe that education is a continuous process throughout life, and seeing as we are in a unique position to broaden the scope of knowledge for young people in Guatemala, Canada, and the United States, it is our dream to provide learning opportunities beyond borders.

Our dual-exchange program offers students with the opportunity to:

  • Visit our preschool in San Lucas to learn about our unique teaching methodology and to interact with the students
  • Participate in cultural exchanges with Guatemalan families to learn about their daily lives
  • Visit one of the poorest areas in Guatemala City to understand poverty and the consequences of living in poverty
  • Learn about the history of Guatemala and current social issues
  • Take Spanish classes and conduct English lessons

When program participants return to their home countries after participating in the Planting Seeds dual-exchange program, it is our hope that they will return with a deeper understanding of the causes and consequences of poverty, and that they will, in turn, share their experiences and be positive influences on their own communities.

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