Planting Seeds International

Mission: Planting Seeds is a not for profit organization that seeks to eradicate the barriers that contribute to poverty by working with communities to provide high-quality comprehensive education for children and families throughout Guatemala.

Vision: Create a progressive, self-sustaining organization that improves access to and quality of education to develop healthy children, families, and communities across Guatemala.

Early Childhood

Plantando Semillas childhood educational program provides an education for the whole child: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, creative & spiritual.

Teacher Training

Plantando Semillas facilitates 5 annual trainings to educators that implement the teaching method of Planting Seeds, which has been accredited and certified by the Ministry of Education of Guatemala.

Community Center

Planting Seeds International is currently raising funds to help Plantando Semillas build a community center that provides comprehensive services to support children and families living in extreme poverty.

Planting Seeds International is Composed of Two Separate Entities:

Planting Seeds International Canada: is responsible for the implementation of programs and activities in Guatemala listed on this website. PSI Canada works directly with Plantando Semillas in Guatemala to ensure the positive implementation of these activities.

Planting Seeds International USA: works to raise funds and awareness to support the programs in Guatemala operated by the Canadian Corporation.