Flor de Maria Gómez

“My children… have developed extraordinarily, they have quality education, they are social, respectful, careful, loving and intelligent; they are my pride. I’ve told my kids that their school is their third home.

[Planting Seeds] has instilled in [my daughter] respect, compassion, how to share, how to enjoy, how to be herself, the meaning of friendship.  There will never be enough words to describe how grateful I am for the school…”

Matom Sosa

“Our son arrived to the [school] at three years old and he is now six, and we are so happy because he now knows how to read and write and also knows English.  We are so proud of our son, we saw a change in him during the past three years of study how he has overcome little by little.”

Lucely Ramirez & Abel Rosales

“Cristel is very happy and grateful for having had the opportunity to study at the [Planting Seeds] school. She enjoyed the experience of being there very much and interacting with her classmates and teachers.”

Maria de los Angeles Cruz Salinas & Jose Amaya

“Jose has learned so much this year as well as developed generally as a person. We don’t have sufficient words to express our sincere thanks for the noble support and quality education our son has received.”