Success Stories

Jessica Nicole Flores

Jessica Nicole Flores finished her pre-school education at the Garden of Dreams in 2015, a model program of Planting Seeds in San Lucas. Jessica is currently in second grade in a local public school and for the past two years has been the No. 1 student in her class. Jessica is one of many students showcasing the significance of Planting Seeds Programs!

Walter Enrique Díaz Jacobo

Thirteen years ago, Walter Enrique Díaz Jacobo began his studies with Planting Seeds. He has now graduated from high school with a Bachelors in Computer Science with Trade Orientation. His mother has told us that since her son completed the Planting Semillas program, he passed every grade through his high school graduation.  She decided to enroll all of her children in Planting Seeds programs and her youngest daughter has now graduated from the Garden of Little Angels last year. Walter’s mother has frequently communicated how grateful she is that Planting Seeds started an educational program in her community.