What We Do

Planting Seeds is promoting a new educational way of being in Guatemala. Every day, students build compassion, self-esteem, creativity, and love for themselves and others through a series of positive interactions and self-directed and teacher guided learning opportunities.

At the same time, Planting Seeds recognizes the importance of strengthening the family and community a child grows up in. Planting Seeds is broadening its focus to involve communities and families in their own development. In the community of Zone 3, where a majority of community members work in the city’s garbage dump as their means of employment, we are developing a community center to best meet the needs of the families in this area.

Early Childhood

Our childhood educational program provides an education for the whole child: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, creative & spiritual.

Teacher Training

We facilitate 5 annual trainings to educators that implement the teaching method of Planting Seeds, which has been accredited and certified by the Ministry of Education of Guatemala.

Community Center

We are currently raising funds to build a community center that provides comprehensive services to support children and families living in extreme poverty.