Community Center – The Journey

Our Approach

Our approach to building a community center is to involve community members in every step of the process to facilitate trust and respect between the community and the organization. We believe that community involvement in all decisions related to the Planting Seeds Community Center is essential to a successful outcome and increases the likelihood of acceptance and commitment. In order to engage community members in all aspects of the design and construction of the center, we hold general community meetings and conduct individual interviews and focus groups to ensure that we are building a center that fully meets their needs.

The Progression

  • November 2016: First community meeting to better understand community needs
  • June 2017: Second community meeting to select programming with the community
  • July 2017: Land search committee was formed to look for spaces for Future Community Center
  • May 2018: Planting Seeds purchases land for Futre Community Center
  • June thru November 2018: Planting Seeds and Architects Taller ACA host 3 community meetings to Co-design the futre center with community members
  • December 2018: Initial Community Center Design and Video were created
  • January 2019: Planting Seeds launches its capital campaign to fund the Community Center

Proposed Facility Services & Features

First Level – Community
  • Reception
  • Kitchen
  • Recreation room
  • Family strengthening room
  • Outdoor patio
Mezzanine Level Education
  • Community Library
  • Wheel chair ramp to make the center accessible to all
Second Level – Education
  • Learning Center,
  • Parent Child Play Room
  • Dance and Exercise Studio
Third Level – Recreation
  • Multi-use Sports Court
  • Multi-use Workshop Area/Art Studio