Community Center – The Need

The Need

The largest landfill in Central America is located in Zone 3 in Guatemala City. Many community members work in the landfill to collect and resell recyclables to earn income to support their families. In addition to low wages and unsanitary working conditions, community members also face a number of dangers in their community, including gang violence, teenage pregnancy, and domestic and community violence. While there are many organizations that support this community, none of these organizations are open after 5pm. Additionally, all of these organizations are closed resources, meaning that unless you are an affiliate of the organization, you are not permitted to use its facilities. The lack of open resources leaves children, youth, and adults extremely susceptible to the dangers in the community, especially after dark, when violence is most likely to occur.

The Solution

Planting Seeds will open a community center in Zone 3 with the central purpose of providing community members with a safe space to call their own that will remain open for extended hours. The Community Center will have structured and unstructured programming with multi-use, multi-purpose spaces. We envision the Planting Seeds Community Center to be a space where community members want to spend their time, where children feel comfortable being themselves, where teenagers can go to hang out with their friends, and where families can go to spend time together. Planting Seeds understands the importance of developing and fostering strong communities that support one another, and we believe that creating a Planting Seeds Community Center in Zone 3 will be a pillar to empowering the community to take charge of their own development.