Community Center – Testimonials


Yasmin Wong

Go Girls & Break Dance

For me, the community center represents unity. Because it will be a place where we can all be together and everyone finds their own rhythm.

Samuel Sanchez

Father’s Group

A Community Center in Zone 3 would mean getting kids off the street and uniting families. Here in the community after 4pm, there is nothing. A community center would be a place where families go, but also be part of the center.

Luis Ixcoy

Father’s Group

Recently I became involved in [the Planting Seeds] Father’s Group, which has helped me to improve my family relationships, both with my wife and with my children.

My wish is that the Community Center grows, and that it is not only for one neighborhood, but that it serves many more. Let it be an example that even in the poorest neighborhoods, there are good people. Let us be an example for others through the (Planting Seeds) Community Center.

Linda Lopez

Go Girls & After School

To me it is a great idea… to give us this opportunity. It would be a great help for all because it will help a lot of people and provide a great opportunity for many. Perhaps many people are simply waiting for something like [the Planting Seeds Community Center] so they can grow as individuals.