Community Center

We are currently raising funds to build a community center to expand our reach within the community and provide more comprehensive services to better support children and families living in extreme poverty.

In Guatemala City, one third of the city’s garbage is dumped in the relleno sanitario of Zone 3. Surrounding the garbage dump are many smaller communities. Members of these communities enter the garbage dump every day to collect recyclables to sell and provide for their families. These families are full of loving, resourceful, and extremely generous people doing their best to survive.

Even with their endless hard work and generosity, many families in this area find themselves living in extreme poverty, being frequently exposed to: domestic and community violence, poor educational and health support, a lack of basic resources and clean water, poor nutrition, little opportunity for employment, natural disasters, and corruption.

Planting Seeds has been working in this community, providing high quality early childhood education since 2004, and we are so excited to be able to provide the community with a space they can call their own. The center aims to be an open community space that supports family members to work on their personal well being while examining and addressing the needs of their community.

There will be many different functions of the center, but the main purposes of the center are to engage the community in its own development and provide a space where members of the community can step away from their realities and pursue their passions. Everything in the center will focus on strengthening the human being, their family, and their community.

Our goal is to work with the families to assess their individual and community needs and offer extensive programming and family workshops to best meet them. Family members will participate in three different ways: Pursuing their personal interests, contributing and giving back to the center, and committing to personal development.

Additionally, we will have community check-ins so members of the center can come together, develop community, and have a voice in the evolution of the center.