Collective Impact

The most powerful way to to develop community is through collaboration.  Planting Seeds strives to work together as a community to:

  1. Ensure that the needs of the community are being met
  2. Ensure that community members are at the center of this process.

Planting Seeds asks how we can, as a community, work together to identify the strengths and needs of the community and assess the barriers and current work being done to address these needs.   We aim to collaborate with other organizations to develop collective impact meetings that not only measure the effect that our individual organizations have, but measure the impact that we can have collectively in the community.  We aim to push the definition of success further, to the growth of the community as a whole, rather than simply to the individual participants of our programs.   We are currently meeting with other organizations in and around the Garbage Dump Community to begin this process.

Check in soon to learn about our community mapping results that will enable us to visually represent what is being offered and more importantly what needs are not being met in the community.