After School Program

A typical school day for students that attend Guatemalan public schools is limited to between 4-5 hours of class time per day. This leaves students with a lot of unstructured free time that should be spent developing their knowledge, skills, and understanding of the world around them. In Zone 3 in Guatemala City, children are even more susceptible to the dangers in their communities when they are not in school.

Planting Seeds recognizes the need to provide students with a bit of structure in their free-time through engaging, fun, and constructive activities. Additionally, after school programs are a way to further improve children’s development and have been shown to decrease the likelihood of dropping out, reducing emotional/behavioral problems, improving leadership skills and promoting physical health. Our After School program engages students’ critical thinking skills and encourages them to further their education through interactive games and activities.

Our After School Program includes activities and games designed to enhance students’:

  • Creative expression
  • Logical reasoning and mathematical abilities
  • Motor skills
  • Reading and writing abilities
  • Strategic thinking
  • Values such as sharing and being respectful and responsible
  • Collaboration and team-building skills

The core of Planting Seeds’ approach to breaking the cycle of poverty is education. We believe that education should not be restricted to a classroom setting and that children and young adults should be encouraged to learn after school hours as well. Our After School Program is just another facet of Planting Seeds’ programming that focuses on building strong communities and equipping them to be in charge of their own development.