Planting Seeds is currently running a number of programs that emphasize an individuals’ ability to be the catalyst for change in his/her own community.  And while the majority of our programs focus on community members’ roles as the pillar for implementing this change, we also aim to serve the needs and desires of community members themselves and what they require to feel empowered to lead productive lives. After holding community meetings and interviewing members of the community, we have begun to offer English classes for all levels and ages in Zone 3 in Guatemala City as we have seen an extremely high demand for this program.

While we understand that English classes are not integral to developing a community, responding to the needs of community members is.  As such, we now offer three English classes a week for children, teenagers, and adults.  As passing an English exam is required for University graduation in Guatemala and is increasingly required for job opportunities, we have begun to understand the importance of equipping community members with the tools and knowledge required to provide them with a stronger footing to be successful in the future.

Our English classes incorporate lessons and games that foster a practical understanding of the language.  Each week we focus on a different theme, ranging from salutations to numbers to technical industry-specific language.  We also revisit themes from previous weeks to reinforce comprehension of previous lessons. Our approach to teaching English is to make it practical, understandable, and fun.