Father’s Group

Planting Seeds’ community-based approach to development aims to engage parents to be the primary educators of their children.  In 2017, Planting Seeds launched a Father’s Group in Zone 3 of Guatemala City aimed at creating a space in which fathers can share experiences and parenting practices to offer advice and to support one another. The Father’s Group is one of two programs we run in partnership with the Family Nurturing Center in which we aim to equip parents with leadership skills to support their families and their communities.

The Father’s Nurturing Curriculum encourages fathers to reflect on their own childhood experience and make decisions on how they want to parent their children. Some of the questions posed in our groups are:

  • What is the best part about being a father?
  • What is the most difficult part about being a father?
  • How do you show love in your family?
  • How can you be more involved in your children’s education?

After participating in the Planting Seeds program, many of the fathers’ have taken the initiative to support other community programs, such as coaching soccer teams, volunteering in the Planting Seeds After School Program, participating in community meetings, and encouraging other fathers to get involved themselves. By focusing on the needs of parents, Planting Seeds is extending its holistic approach to education to that of a holistic approach to development, fostering strong relationships within families and among community members.