Go Girls!

Planting Seeds strives to provide an equal footing for all children regardless of gender, as far too often, a girls’ potential is diminished by societal norms and customs. In this vein, we have begun a girls empowerment program called Go Girls! in which we aim to educate and empower young girls to realize their own potential in being strong members of their own communities.

Our Go Girls! program is comprised of fifteen sessions in which we address topics ranging from friendship to family planning.  We aim to give girls in Zone 3 in Guatemala City a voice to stand up for themselves and realize their own self-worth while fostering an environment where the girls feel comfortable sharing and opening up about the challenges of growing up in a world where women are undervalued.  

Each session is designed to address challenging topics related to adolescence and future plans.  Some of the topics addressed are:

  • Decision-making
  • Positive communication techniques
  • Healthy friendships and relationships
  • Puberty and body image
  • Pregnancy, STIs, and family planning
  • Educational and career aspirations

The Go Girls! program fills a void in the community in which most girls are discouraged from addressing sensitive and important issues that are a part of growing up.  The first Go Girls! Program run in 2017 was so successful that we are not only extending the program for new participants, but we are also creating a second program for returning Go Girls! participants.