Motivated Moms

The aim of Planting Seeds’ Motivated Moms program is to create a support group for mothers to discuss parenting practices and share knowledge, advice and experiences of motherhood.  Similar to our Father’s Group, we have designed a curriculum that encourages mothers to reflect and draw upon their own childhood experiences to create a nurturing, loving home environment for their children.

The objectives of Motivated Moms are:

  • To help mothers identify and communicate values to their children
  • To develop an emotional connection between mothers and their children
  • To understand the importance of setting a good example
  • To reinforce their understanding of HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence and the vulnerability of their children to such dangers, especially young girls

Motivated Moms is one of many Planting Seeds programs in Zone 3 in Guatemala City that was created based on the results of community interviews and focus groups and has been extremely successful so far.  At Planting Seeds, we believe in the power of family and community to provide structure and support for children and adults alike. Our family nurturing programs engage fathers, mothers, youth, and children to equip them with the tools necessary to make a lasting change in their homes and in their communities.