Teacher Training

Teacher Certification

Planting Semillas facilitates 5 annual training sessions to all educators in the various programs that implement the Planting Seeds teaching methods, which has been accredited and certified by the Ministry of Education of Guatemala.

Teachers are not abandoned after training! All teachers and programs receive guidance and supervision from the Planting Seeds team to identify areas of need. High performing classrooms are certified as an incentive for educational institutions and teachers to achieve high educational standards in their centers.

Additional Workshops

In addition, workshops are offered to different public and private educational institutions according to their needs and requests. Recently the staff of the NGO “Hallelujah” was trained. This staff serves a population of more than 400 students coming from families in conflict.

Yearly Training

 Every year, Planting Seeds presents new strategies at a Pedagogical Conference  held in different sectors of the country.  An average of 100 teachers attend  the conference which is endorsed by the Educational Supervision of the Ministry of Education of Guatemala. The goal of the conference is to demonstrate new forms of teaching which are more in tune with student  needs. The hope is to motivate teachers to go beyond traditional and obsolete educational practices that lead to student frustration.